Are You Ready For The Weather?

When storms hit, is your vital IT hardware safe? You need to know that adverse weather conditions will not affect your business.

The storms in recent weeks have caused power cuts and flooding. Both of these occurrences are not favourable to sensitive IT equipment!

Water ingress will clearly damage electronic equipment, but so can power cuts. When power is unexpectedly removed from servers, data can become corrupted. All that hard work you have done can be destroyed in an instant.

Don’t Let Bad Weather Affect Your Business

Don't Let Lighting Damage Your Business

Protecting your business from the stormy weather has two stages. Firstly, knowing what is happening in the room that houses the equipment.

Environmental monitoring will achieve this. These easy to install devices can monitor room temperature, water leaks, fire and power failures. When an unwanted event occurs, notifications are sent out via email, text, telephone voice alert, or web alerts. This will enable you to respond immediately to any emergency.

A further part of the vital protection comes from uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) that will keep your crucial IT hardware running, even in a power cut!

A UPS will filter mains power to protect your hardware and also contains batteries which will continue to provide electricity when mains power fails. This allows servers to save data and shut down gracefully, protecting your valuable information from the corruption that sudden power failure can cause.

Ensure Stormy Weather Poses No Problems For You

As a result of applying environmental monitoring and uninterruptible power supplies in your business, it will provide the best protection from bad weather and help with the business continuity you need.

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