Support is Ending for Windows Server 2003

In July 2015, Windows Server 2003 R2 will go end of life when Microsoft withdraws support.

Do you still use Server 2003? Are you ready for Microsoft no longer providing support? If not, Vantage IT is here to help you.

The following information gives a brief explanation of what will happen in July and the implications.

Q: What happens when Microsoft stops supporting Windows Server 2003?

A: Your server will not stop working over-night! However, Microsoft will no longer issue security patches and software updates. They will also withdrawer technical assistance if problems arise.

Q: What will be the consequence of this?

A: When security vulnerabilities are found, Microsoft will normally issue software security patches to correct the problems. With these patches not being available, security susceptibilities will not be corrected and the Server 2003 operating system will become increasingly exposed to exploitation.

In addition to the security patches, Microsoft issues software updates on a regular basis when problems are discovered that will cause programs to not run correctly. Without the software updates, the quantity of problems will increase.

If your current IT provider encounters a major problem, they may refer to Microsoft Support for assistance. When technical help is withdrawn by Microsoft, it will be more difficult to obtain resolutions.

Q: What does this mean for users?

A: Computers running Windows Server 2003 will become less secure as security vulnerabilities are not patched and become potentially more unreliable when software updates and support are not available.

You should consider the future of any computer running Server 2003 and investigate replacing it. With the right help, installing a new server and migrating your data will not be an onerous task.

Q: Who should I contact to sort this out?

A: Vantage IT would be the best option! For more information, please use the ‘Quick Contact’ form, call us on 01296 668966 or email us on We are ready to help.