Ergonomic Keyboards and Mice from Vantage IT

According to recent reports, there are around 10 million office workers in the United Kingdom. Most of these will have access to a PC, so that represents a significant number of people using a keyboard, mouse or trackpad every day.

But how many people think about the ergonomics of their computer peripherals? We suspect this figure is much lower.

Why are Ergonomic Devices Required?

Logitech Ergonomic Mouse from Vantage IT. Long term use of a keyboard and mouse can cause physical complaints. Ergonomic alternatives available from Vantage IT can make work much more comfortable.

You may not be aware, but long term use of a keyboard and mouse can cause tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and a number of other physical complaints that may not become apparent until later in life. Fortunately, there are plenty of ergonomic alternatives available from Vantage IT that can make working on a desktop PC or laptop much more comfortable.

Standard peripherals may cause you to hold or move the devices at awkward or unnatural angles, causing strain. Ergonomic devices on the other hand (pun intentional), are designed to fit your hand naturally, avoiding painful positions and allowing you to work throughout the day with ease.

Repetitive stress movements, like those made with a conventional keyboard and mouse, can cause tension and stress in the hands, forearms and shoulders. Ergonomic input devices really help alleviate this tension and can even help you avoid surgery in years to come.

If you have never used ergonomic peripherals before, you may be surprised at the difference it makes in being able to work for longer periods throughout the day. Even though you will be capable of getting more done, remember to still take frequent breaks from your desk as this is very important.

If you would like advice or a quotation for ergonomic keyboard and mice, then please contact us. We supply devices from the world’s leading technology manufacturers such as Microsoft and Logitech that will meet your needs.