How To Get Your Business Ready For The 2025 BT Landline Switch Off

The year 2025 will mark a major shift as BT is scheduled to begin the turning-off of the national PSTN and ISDN networks. This change comes as a result of the widespread migration from analogue to digital networks and the phasing out of legacy systems. In this article, we’ll discuss the implications of the 2025 landline switch-off and how you can get your business ready for the new era of telecommunications.

Understanding The Implications Of The 2025 Landline Switch-Off

The impact of the 2025 landline switch-off goes far beyond phone calls. The network is currently used for connecting phone lines, entry systems, alarms, and even faxes. As such, your business will need to consider alternative solutions for each of these services.

Preparing Your Phone Systems: Implementing A VoIP Phone System

One of the best ways to prepare for the switch-off is to implement a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system. VoIP is ideal for growing businesses, as it offers a variety of features at reduced call rates and infrastructure costs. Moreover, VoIP is easily scalable, making it the standardised method of telecommunication for businesses of all sizes.

Upgrading Other Devices To Digital Alternatives

In addition to phone systems, you’ll need to upgrade other devices currently connected to the PSTN or ISDN network, such as entry systems, alarms, and faxes. Consider switching to digital alternatives that are compatible with your new VoIP system and other internet-based services.

Ensuring The Right Connectivity For Your Business

It’s crucial to ensure you have the right connectivity to handle all the applications and new technology using your internet connection. Evaluate your current broadband capacity and consider upgrading to a more robust and reliable connection if necessary.

Partnering With The Right IT Support Services

Navigating the transition from analogue to digital telecommunications can be a complex process. By partnering with the right IT support services provider, you can ensure a seamless transition and continued success in the new era of telecommunications.

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