Has Your Phone Provider Lost its Focus?

The past few weeks have strained everything – people, relationships and systems at work.

How have your communications survived? Keeping in touch with colleagues, customers and suppliers is vital at all times. If your telephone system isn’t helping you, stress levels rise.
If you have problems with your telephone system and your maintenance provider is not helpful, that is not good enough. You need to know that when a customer wants to contact you, calls will be answered in a timely fashion. Isn’t this how you would want your calls answered?
Transferring calls to colleagues should be easy, making the experience as simple as possible. And importantly, call charges should be competitive.

Your New Phone Provider

Vantage provides a hosted telephone system that will offer you ease-of-use, reliability, competitive call charges and the reassurance that it is backed by a proactive company.
You can answer calls on telephone handsets or using an app on a PC or mobile phone. Visibility is provided which enables you to see what members of your team are on calls, even with people working from home. Transferring calls between your team is simple and therefore provides a seamless experience for your callers.
Above all, Vantage offers a truly professional solution, ensuring you have the assurance your telephones are in safe hands.
We will be happy to discuss what your requirements are and how improvements can be made, so please contact us now.