Software Development

Sometimes it is impossible to find the right software package that meets your needs, despite the wide range available in the marketplace today.  This is where Vantage can help.

After nearly 30 years providing IT support, Vantage IT launched a subsidiary called Vantage Softech which produces high quality, reliable programs for a wide range of applications and platforms. Using the latest languages and technologies, we produce applications that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Software is written for Windows client and server environments, plus devices such as smartphones running Windows, Android and Apple iOS.

All applications are professionally designed and written in-house to ensure quality and integrity, with performance and usability paramount in our work.

Whether your application is database driven, cloud-based, or standalone, Vantage Softech is in a position to help with your software needs.

All software is thoroughly tested before being sent to you for approval as, unlike many software companies, we believe the customer is not part of the testing regime!

Once you are using the software we do not abandon you and our helpful, considerate support is provided throughout the first year of use.  Our support includes telephone support, as there is only so much troubleshooting that can be done via email!  In addition, any fixes required during the first year are included too.

For further information on how software development from Vantage can help, please contact us, or visit the Vantage Softech website.