Supercharge Your Organisation with the New Intel CPU

Intel has revealed details about its upcoming range of 8th Generation Core processors. Some of the new features will represent a significant improvement over previous generations.

For example, mainstream laptops will have 4 cores instead of the usual 2. According to Intel, these new CPUs will provide better performance and improved power consumption when compared with older equivalent Intel CPUs.

Intel’s performance and efficiency claims for the new processors include:

  • Double the number of cores that were available on previous generation laptop processors
  • 40% better performance than 7th Generation Intel CPUs
  • Twice the performance of 5 year old Intel CPUs
  • Power usage remains the same despite the increased performance
  • Much improved multitasking
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10
  • Play 4K UHD video from a laptop for up to 10 hours

The new laptop processors will start to be introduced later this month and the desktop versions are likely to be released during the first part of next year. Vantage IT can source business laptops for you and will provide advice on which machine to go for.

If your organisation has been delaying the replacement of laptops, now would be a good time to consider upgrading them over the coming months. Not only will your users have faster machines, they will also come with Windows 10 (Windows 7 will not be supported in 2 years’ time).

Vantage IT can provide advice on the best solution for your requirements, so please contact us for further details.