Mayku FormBox – Desktop Vacuum Former Bringing Ideas to Life

The FormBox is a fantastic tool for education, small businesses and hobbyists. It essentially makes moulds out of shapes which can be re used to create all types of things.

What can FormBox do?

  • Choose from a world of materials – you can bring unique ideas into the real world in hundreds of different ways by choosing from a huge range of materials to work with
  • Prototype at speed – rapidly create product prototypes with high quality finishes to show clients their vision, in real life
  • Small footprint – the FormBox gives advanced manufacturing technology in a space no larger than a laptop, therefore providing businesses with the space they needs to grow
  • Turbocharge a 3D printer – partner the FormBox with a 3D printer to create professional batches of products from any studio


Mayku FormBox Vacuum Former from Vantage IT.

Who is it For?

  • Schools – FormBox gives teachers a simple way to get kids excited about making things. It will consequently help teach STEAM subjects in a fun and engaging way
  • Product designers, architects, and modelmakers – FormBox gives them the power to prototype designs quickly, right from their studio
  • Craft businesses – they can start making product lines at their own pace, without the need for large order quantities from factories, therefore saving money and time
  • Hobbyists – with the FormBox, at-home makers can create simple forms from everyday items, like potatoes and Plasticine

A demonstration of the great new Mayku FormBox is available here.

We will be happy to answer any questions you have, so please contact us for more information.