64% of IT managers had an air-conditioning failure in the last year!

Closely monitoring the temperature within critical IT environments is vital. Jacarta, a leading supplier of environmental monitoring equipment, often hears horror stories of failing cooling systems, so they wondered how reliable they are.

In 2007, they commissioned a survey of data centre managers which found that over 45% of the IT managers and facilities personnel that were spoken to, had experienced an air-conditioning failure within the previous 12 months. Ten years later the survey was updated, and of the nearly 200 IT Managers that were questioned, just over 64% had experienced an air-conditioning failure of some description within the last 12 months! That is a startling increase.

How Important is Environmental Monitoring?

In the main, the failures resulted in overheating and water leaks in their server rooms and data centres. Fortunately, for many of those that were spoken to, disaster was avoided as they had a reliable environmental monitoring system and a robust alerting procedure in place. This allowed them to step in before permanent damage to their IT hardware occurred.

It is hard to pinpoint why this increase in failures has come about. However, it is impossible to escape the fact that closely monitoring the temperature within critical IT environments and receiving immediate alerts when problems arise, is now more important than ever.

Air-conditioning failure in any Server Room or Data Centre can be catastrophic. If left unchecked, temperatures can quickly soar. Your hardware may automatically shut-down to prevent any lasting damage, but you will still be left with a sizeable amount of downtime while rebooting and testing. If you aren’t so lucky, you may experience hardware failure along with the associated replacement cost and an even greater amount of network downtime during repairs.

What Can Be Done?

Vantage IT supplies and installs the Jacarta range of environmental monitoring equipment, which will ensure that if disaster does strike with your air-conditioning, you will be immediately alerted and be able to take action.

Please contact Vantage IT today for details of how you can protect your critical IT equipment.