Outsourcing Versus In-House IT Management

Whether you are setting up a company or growing your business, choosing the right option for your IT support service is essential. Here, we explore the benefits of IT outsourcing vs inhouse IT support and how an IT outsourcing company like Vantage IT can help you.

Resources Available

So, why should you outsource your IT services? There are a range of reasons, but one that should sit at the top of your list is that outsourced managed IT services are better equipped to handle the high demands that can come with a busy company. An inhouse team has limited capacity and you will need to add extra team members to keep up with the amount of support necessary, especially with growing or multi-national companies.

Cost Effective

You may be surprised to discover that outsourcing your IT isn’t necessarily the most expensive option. For an SME, you may not have the funds or the need for your own inhouse support team, as it is likely you only need a low level of support. Outsourced IT support removes the need for you to make a large financial investment in your own IT team, so you can make immediate and ongoing cost savings.


Fully trained and extensively experienced IT professionals can be challenging to find – unless you outsource your IT needs. IT management companies are staffed by industry experts with a high degree of experience and knowledge in a range of different industries. Whatever you need, there will be a professional to assist you with the proficiency to provide the correct support in any situation.

Technology Availability

The advancements in technology are ever-growing and it can be difficult to keep up with the amount of changes that are regularly updating and upgrading. An in-house team, dealing with everyday concerns, can easily find themselves out of the loop. An outsourced IT service will keep up with the latest trends and advancements to keep your business on the cutting edge of innovation in tech.

How Vantage IT Can Help

There are many advantages to choosing to outsource your IT services, and with Vantage IT, it can be a practical and cost-effective option. If you want our expert team to provide you with IT support so you can focus on other elements of your business, then get in touch to find out more.

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