Is Your Old Email System Causing Problems?

If your company is using an outdated email system such as POP3, you may frequently experience performance or synchronisation issues. Fortunately, Microsoft Exchange can solve a lot of your problems.

Although POP3 has been old technology for some time, it has been a necessary evil for many due to the cost of owning, managing and backing-up an on-premise Exchange server.

Why Is Hosted Exchange an Email Alternative?

You may not be aware that the benefits of Microsoft Exchange can also be enjoyed as a hosted cloud service. Being subscription based, this makes it more affordable and flexible for small to medium sized businesses.

By moving away from POP3 and using a Hosted Exchange service, you will experience several benefits. These include:

  • Emails & Devices  –  Exchange synchronises your emails across all devices. This means if you send an email from one device, it will appear in your sent items on all other devices. Additionally, emails will also be synchronised on other devices when they are marked as read, unread, or deleted.
  • Calendars & Contacts  –   Your Outlook calendar & contacts will synchronise across all devices.
  • Push Email  –  Emails will be delivered to the inboxes on all your devices as soon as they are sent to you. No more waiting for your emails to synchronise and no need to continually click the send/receive button in Outlook.
  • Mailbox Size  –  Vantage Hosted Exchange offers each user a 25GB mailbox per user. Commonly, POP3 providers offer far smaller mailboxes at approximately 1GB.
  • Anti-Spam  –  A standard feature of our Hosted Exchange is a robust anti-spam filter.
  • Backups  –  Backing up your emails daily ensures your data is further protected with Vantage Hosted Exchange. This is unlike Microsoft Office 365.
  • Management  –  Have confidence that the Hosted Exchange email service is fully managed and supported by us. This removes the pressure from you.

As an experienced Microsoft Solutions Provider, Vantage IT can offer consultancy services for upgrade and migration planning.

Please contact us to find out how easy and cost effective it is to move your emails to the cloud with the Vantage IT Hosted Exchange service.