Is Your Office Wi-Fi Driving You Nuts?

Many routers come with Wi-Fi functionality already built in, but what if the signal doesn’t stretch far enough?

As offices come in all shapes and sizes, and are sometimes spread across multiple floors, the Wi-Fi signal can struggle to cover the required areas.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue (which has actually been available for many years). Wireless access points are an important device for many organisations and the technology has improved considerably recently.

What Wi-Fi Solution is Available?

Wireless Access Points where security is a priority. Wi-Fi from Vantage IT Solutions

Vantage IT has installed many wireless access points for our clients, ranging from one device to multiple cloud managed devices spread across the entire building.

There are access points available to suit every budget and as the technology has improved somewhat in recent years, even the least expensive devices come packed with features. For example, PoE (Power over Ethernet), dual-band connectivity and WPA2 security are included with DrayTek’s attractively designed ceiling mounted appliance.

A larger office may require an even more high-tech solution though. Take, for example, a large office with multiple rooms and budget access points in each room. You may assume that if you walk from one end of the office to another with a tablet, it would automatically connect to the nearest device. Unfortunately, in many instances this would not be the case as your tablet would probably stay connected to the access point at the other end of the room rather than the one you are stood right next to.

We can supply managed access points that get around this issue by intelligently switching you over to the nearest access point, thereby providing you with a much improved Wi-Fi signal.

Please contact Vantage IT today for further details and to arrange a free site visit to assess your wireless requirements.