Free CRM System from Vantage IT and Really Simple Systems

If you want to understand your customers, then a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is essential. It is a way of documenting, knowing and appreciating your customers so you can identify and manage valuable customer relationships.

Hosted CRM that focuses on simplicity

Vantage IT Solutions provides Free, Premium and Enterprise Editions of Cloud CRM systems for small and medium sized organisations who want sales, marketing and support systems that are easy to use and work immediately.

Really Simple Systems CRM has been designed for small and medium sized organisations, or departments of larger organisations, who want a simple, easy to use online CRM sales, support and marketing system. The hosted CRM model is particularly suitable for companies with multiple locations, even if some users work remotely.

By using one common database instead of multiple replicated databases, the problems associated with off-site use and data synchronisation are eliminated.

Every business is different so we are happy to discuss your requirements and options. If you are unsure though, why not try the free version?

Is it really free?

Yes. The CRM system itself is free but is limited to two users, 100 company records and 100Mb of data. This is a great entry point for start-ups and SME’s! Please note that we will charge for some consultancy time to set up the CRM for you though.

Is this a limited time trial?

No. The Free CRM system is a live system that you can use for as long as you want it. There is no time limit!

Will I be forced to upgrade and pay at a later date?

No. You can upgrade if you want more accounts, users or features, but we won’t force you to. This makes it great for when your business grows. The Premium plan means you just pay for the features you need.

Can I get my data back if it doesn’t work out?

Yes of course. Should you wish you can download all your data at any time, no strings attached.

How can I get Really Simple Systems CRM?

Simply contact Vantage IT. We can take you through the process and provide everything you need. We look forward to hearing from you.