Four Reasons Why Your Organisation Should Use The Cloud

Cloud computing solutions that will enhance your IT infrastructure are available from Vantage IT.

Cloud computing has become increasingly popular over the last few years, to the extent that most organisations use at least one cloud service out of the many available. Current trends suggest that the popularity for cloud services is likely to grow even more over the coming years. Here are some of the benefits of the cloud (both private and public) that we believe your organisation would benefit from.

  • Lower costs  One of the most obvious benefits of moving some elements of your IT to the cloud is that it can provide significant savings. For example, by opting for our DataSafe online backup service, you can say goodbye to expensive backup tape drives and management software, as we would host and manage your backups reliably and securely with no upfront costs.
  • Better collaboration  Collaboration is made easy in the cloud. For example, we can implement file storage services to enable employees to easily edit files when they are away from the office. We also offer a hosted exchange mailbox service with shared calendars as an option, which makes for better workplace collaboration.
  • Increased flexibility  As the workplace begins to cater to more remote workers and flexible working arrangements, being able to access work materials, when not at work, is essential for employees. Not only does cloud computing make it easier for employees to work outside of the office, it also makes it easier for executives and administrators to manage their organisation at any time of day, from anywhere. We can offer a service which allows your employees to view read-only documents remotely, without compromising the security of the original files.
  • Greater Security  As we would host your important data in our own UK based datacentre, you can rest assured that your data is in a secure, offsite location protected by our highly redundant systems. You also have the added benefit of our team of experienced IT technicians constantly monitoring and maintaining these systems to provide you with maximum peace of mind.

Please contact Vantage IT today to find out how our various cloud services will provide the productivity, flexibility and cost savings you are looking for.