Emergency Remote Connection

We recently started providing our managed IT support service to a new customer. Then within days, the country went into lockdown!

Members of staff were required to work from home with remote access to the on-site systems. Unfortunately the customer had not had the opportunity to upgrade their firewall to protect their network from external intrusion.
Supplying, configuring and installing a firewall was the obvious solution, but with the current coronavirus situation, spending money was not appealing.
The engineers at Vantage IT decided upon a great solution. Our resilient infrastructure enabled us to create a secure connection between Vantage and the customer’s network. The customer’s home users now connect to us securely and these connections are seamlessly redirected to the customer. This rapidly provided the secure remote access the customer required, but without the cost.
We understand the current situation is providing us all with business challenges, so will do all we can to ease the pain. In some instances, instead of purchasing new laptops, we have also provided laptop hire to further reduce unwanted costs for customers.
To enable your team to work from home, please contact Vantage IT for more information about remote working. We look forward to hearing from you.