Benefits of a MicroServer for Small Businesses

Company directors often understand the benefits of introducing a server to their business. However, if you run a small business or are just starting out, you could be inclined to operate without a server due to perceived costs.

Indeed, you might be tempted to simply use laptops or PCs to store your information if you are likely to have fewer than five employees for the first few years. In some instances, companies choose a NAS (network-attached storage) device as a data store. A NAS is great for holding data but cannot perform the many functions of a server.

You may be surprised to know that HPE has a MicroServer range of small servers which are very affordable for small businesses. Despite their size, the ProLiant MicroServers still offer many of the same benefits as servers costing thousands more.

These benefits include:

  • Central management of all the PCs on your network
  • High levels of IT security built-in
  • Extremely reliable server hardware from the leading manufacturer
  • Having a network will consequently mean much lower support costs
  • Central storage for sharing files easily
  • The use of redundant hard drives protects your data
  • Remote management of printers is possible
  • Employees can connect to your server’s resources remotely
  • Your PCs will run faster as your data is freed up
  • Compatibility with cloud services such as Hosted Exchange emails or online backups
  • Scalability as your company grows


Why a MicroServer?

A properly configured and supported HPE ProLiant MicroServer will provide years of trouble-free running for your organisation. As a result, you can run your business with the knowledge that your data and systems will be available when you need them.

If you need to know how to manage your systems to gain the greatest benefits from them and store your information securely, then Vantage IT will offer the help and advice you require.

Please contact us with your requirements and we can provide details of the most appropriate server for your application.