Vantage IT is Kroll Ontrack Authorised Partner

The data a company holds is vital, so if there is ever a time when it is not accessible, the prospects of the business would be precarious at best. Vantage IT always ensures our IT Support Contract Customers’ data is backed up, but we do get contacted by companies and individuals that have not managed to back up their data before disaster strikes and a hard drive fails. Additionally, many home users don’t think to back up data so treasured photos with massive personal value are at risk.

If the unthinkable does happen, there is an answer from Ontrack and Vantage IT is proud to now be an Authorised Partner. Ontrack is a world leader in recovering data from seemingly in-accessible hard drives, solid state storage and data tapes. They have labs where damaged data storage media can be dismantled in a clean environment with the utmost care to provide the greatest chance of recovering your valuable information.

If you have essential data that needs to be recovered, please contact Vantage IT and we will be delighted to provide the assistance you require.