Network Cabling – Unseen But Vital

Is your business relocating in the near future? Are you looking to increase your headcount? Does your existing cabling look like spaghetti Bolognese? If you can answer YES to any of these, then get in touch with Vantage IT to discuss network cabling.

Reliable network cabling is largely unseen but is essential in an office environment. If your computers struggle to communicate effectively, work becomes challenging and tempers get frayed.

When Does Network Cabling Need Changing?

If good network cabling has been installed in your offices, then it should last for years without problems. There are instances when cabling needs to be refreshed or installed and the most frequent times are:

  • Upgrades to existing Installations  –  Change happens all the time in most organisations. This could be caused by the restructuring or the merging of departments and operations. Employees may need to move from one office to another, and organisations need to move, change or upgrade voice or data cabling. Whilst some departments may need slight modifications, others may require a complete rewiring of network and voice cabling.
  • Office Moves  –  When you are moving your organisation, the last thing you want to worry about is planning a new IT infrastructure. We provide office cable installation with data and telecommunication services that take the hassle out of relocation, and provide you with a solution that meets your specific needs. This allows you to focus on running your business, while we manage the migration of your IT.
    Vantage IT will work with you from the initial stages of your move throughout the entire process to ensure a smooth transition to your new location and minimising downtime. We will visit your business to evaluate all aspects of your move so that we can estimate and plan your project. We are experts in the planning and implementation of data and voice as well as fibre and structured cabling solutions to establish connectivity in your new office. We can also organise and manage new broadband or leased line internet connections if required.

We are experienced in all of the above scenarios and our work is insured and guaranteed. Whilst your office move may not be for a while, please get in touch as soon as possible so we can plan and implement services such as new phone lines or equipment in good time, taking the stress away from your IT plans.
If you have a network cabling requirement, Vantage IT will be happy to offer the advice you need. Please contact Vantage IT for more information.