Is It Time To Replace Your Server?

IT can sometimes be perceived as an unnecessary cost, particularly where a server is concerned. But could your business operate without reliable IT?

Persevering with an old server simply because it has been reliable for many years can be a false economy. Replacing servers can be dismissed due to the apparent cost. However, it can be the case that hardware failure or data loss are just around the corner.
The older a server is, the harder they become to maintain because finding replacement parts can be time-consuming and costly. What’s more, you could be missing out on new features that can benefit your business.
Is it really worth the risk of your network failing, or losing vital company data?

When Does my Server Need to be Replaced?

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This is a difficult question, but there are two factors you will want to consider – age and performance. For some organisations, the useful life of a server is around three years. Whilst other businesses can rely on their servers for longer. Servers often function properly beyond year three, but depending on the manufacturer, relying on them after this point can be risky as hardware problems can occur. This means you will have to deal with costly repairs and possible unpredictable downtime.
Performance is clearly a major factor to consider. Even if your server is not very old, it doesn’t make sense to keep it around if it is slow and too costly to maintain. It’s important to do a cost/benefit analysis in these situations. Look at how much money you will lose in repairs and downtime and then compare it to the cost of buying new hardware.
As a Hewlett Packard Enterprise partner, we can provide an ideal replacement server and fully configure it for your network with minimal disruption. These are high quality servers which can provide many years of reliable usage.
There are a number of important benefits to having a new server:

  • Reliability
  • Redundancy
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Support
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Reduced noise

If you want to know how your server is performing and investigate the benefits of replacement, please contact us with your requirements. We will be happy to provide details of the most appropriate server for your application.