DataSafe Additional Details

Vantage DataSafe is an online cloud backup service that provides a secure off-site store for your crucial data.

The DataSafe service can include an external hard drive that is located at your office. This stores a local encrypted copy of the most recent backups, allowing for immediate recovery of current data.

Your backup data is encrypted and compressed before transmission to Vantage IT where it is stored on our dedicated servers. This is our service – we are not reselling someone else’s – so the servers are ours and we control who has access. While your data is stored on our servers, it remains encrypted. Security of your data is the primary requirement of the DataSafe service.

If older files need to be recovered, these will be available from your DataSafe store on our servers and can be uploaded back to your server. When large amounts of data are required, this can be copied to a hard drive and delivered to your office for restore.

The entire service can be managed on your behalf by Vantage IT. This includes all administration, checking the success of all data backup transactions, identifying and correcting any issues of files not backed up, and excluding any files which you expressly do not want backed up.

With the Vantage DataSafe online backup service, you will never again need to worry about the risks of losing critical data and the concern of recovering those all-important files.

Please contact us now to find out more about the benefits of using DataSafe from Vantage IT.