Making a Website Secure with HTTPS

When you type a website address such as in your browser, you will notice that the characters ‘http’ or ‘https’ appear as a prefix. Hypertext transfer protocol (http) is the basis that enables data to be transferred across the web. When the ‘s’ is added to the http, it indicates that it is a secure way of transmitting the data.

Organisations are being encouraged to use the security of https to ensure the entire web becomes as secure as possible for us all to browse, interact and trade. Earlier this year, Google announced they will start ranking companies that use https higher in their search algorithms. It won’t have a big impact at the moment, but Google will eventually give it a greater weighting.

We recently converted the Vantage IT website and the website of our sister company, Vantage Softech to https, giving a secure transfer of data between you and our web servers. By carrying out this work, we ensure that any interaction between you and our websites is kept private.

To enable a website to transmit data securely, it requires an SSL certificate. This is a data file that tells the web server to create a secure connection with your browser. If you wish to make your website secure, Vantage IT is able to arrange the SSL certificates you will need.

If you would like more details about website security, please contact us.