Dropbox without Backup is a Bad Idea

Many people use Dropbox to store data and assume that, as it is in the cloud, it must be safe. Think again! Without a backup, data is in danger.

A woman in North Yorkshire has been sentenced for deleting 5,000 files from her former company’s Dropbox account. She spent five hours permanently deleting employee and supplier files and company manuals.
Police alleged in a statement at York Crown Court that the actions had cost the company almost £100,000 and it collapsed shortly after the attack. The lady had got into a disagreement with a former colleague and was aware that her actions would disrupt the company. A police representative said in a statement:

“Ex-employees can pose a serious risk to a business because they are familiar with the company’s IT infrastructure and procedures. This can make it easier for them to carry out cyber crimes against their former organisation.”


You Do Have to Backup Cloud Data

The case last week highlights how fragile a business is when they lose one of their most vital assets – data.
Simply storing information in cloud systems such as Dropbox does not provide a reliable repository for your data. You should always employ additional comprehensive backup procedures. This will ensure that valuable data will be stored for several months, allowing you to return to previous versions if needed.
Therefore, if you experience data loss through a malicious act or hardware failure, you will be able to restore information from your backups.
Please do not solely rely on cloud storage solutions to protect your data. It is important you always ensure you use a reliable backup solution. Above all, protect the data your business relies on for its future prosperity.
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