Invest in a new HP PC from Vantage IT for less than £430!

Buying a new PC for your organisation should be more than just a financial decision.

Before buying a new PC, you should consider what benefits it will bring to your organisation and what the intended usage will be. For example, do the users have to wait for 5 minutes every morning while their existing PCs boot up? Are they out of warranty? Do some of your users have demanding applications?

There are many advantages to investing in new computer hardware. As a highly experienced HP partner, we can recommend the right IT hardware for your organisation and tailor it to your specific requirements.

Benefits of investing in a new PC include:

  • Receive peace of mind from brand new computer hardware with extended warranties available
  • Security is enhanced with Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Professional 64bit Operating System and optional data encryption
  • Enjoy responsive performance from your new PC no matter what the task is
  • Increase efficiency and staff productivity
  • Increase employee morale
  • Develop a competitive advantage by implementing faster computer hardware
  • Develop more effective communication within the organisation or with customers

Please contact Vantage IT now to discover how a new PC can help your organisation.