Going Further to Overcome IT Challenges

If you compare the outsourced IT support service offered by Vantage IT with what is on offer from other IT companies, we measure up very well.

We were approached by a company who requested that we host their website and provide email facilities with our Hosted Exchange service because they were not happy with their incumbent provider.

This task should not have been too onerous and is something that happens on a regular basis. However, the company that was hosting the website decided to make life challenging for us. Instead of providing the source code for the website which would enable us to immediately upload it to our servers, we only received some text and pictures. Excuses were made, but the result was that it would be the customer who suffered.

We were therefore obliged to re-create the website from scratch as rapidly as possible. These are the times when you see how hard people really can work to make sure customers receive the level of service we promise them!

No time was wasted and we completed and uploaded the new website (with many improvements over the old website) in record time, resulting in an extremely grateful customer.

This is another example of how Vantage IT strives to go the extra mile for our customers. Please contact us to see how we can offer you the Complete IT Solution.