Great Customer Feedback Helps!

The past few weeks have been unprecedented for all of us. For IT companies such as Vantage IT, there has been an immense amount of effort in a very short period of time to ensure users are able to effectively work from home.

Many IT companies will be very proud of the work required and results achieved. Home working will be the new normal for many of us and raises new challenges. We never imagined we would need to invoke our disaster recovery plan while at the same time helping so many customers with theirs!
When our team is spending so many hours working so hard obtaining laptops, delivering them to customers and configuring systems, it is gratifying to receive the following comments from grateful clients:

You have done superb work for us this week – thank you so much.


People are realising what you have managed to achieve for them and in such a short time. I am very grateful to you for making this such a success.


Now we are all operational, great stuff. Please thank your team.


A very big thank you for all your help in getting the laptops to us. As from tonight all the staff should be working from home.


Great job and quickly set up.


Receiving positive feedback really does help and lets you know all the work is appreciated. We all need to pull together to get through the rest of this year, so let’s do our best for each other and show appreciation when it is deserved.
For further details of any of the services offered by Vantage IT, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.