Business Continuity from Vantage IT

Can your business continue to run in the event of failed server hardware? How would it affect your business if you could not use any of your IT equipment for several days?

Backing up your data regularly is highly advisable, although depending on your IT equipment, it could take several days to restore and be up and running again.

Vantage IT provides a plethora of IT services (both physical and virtual) that minimise the risk of downtime to your business.

As we predominately look after SME customers, our business continuity solutions are affordable and designed around your specific needs.

What Does Business Continuity Provide?


  • Reduces downtime to hours, minutes or even seconds in the event of a disaster
  • Protects against ransomware attacks that encrypt your data
  • Our secure, off-site backups give you peace of mind that your data is protected if there is a disaster at your premises
  • Comprehensive manufacturers warranties are provided with every server we supply
  • Various solutions are available, therefore catering for all sizes of business
  • Regular and safe disaster recovery testing is available

Introducing a business continuity strategy will ensure maximum up-time, consequently providing peace of mind. Please contact us today to discuss your business continuity requirements.