Affordable New Monitor from Vantage IT

Do you struggle with a small monitor? Do you get eye strain from your existing monitor? Would you like to increase your working area to two screens? Do you regularly work with graphical 2D and 3D images? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, it is likely that you would benefit from a new monitor.

Fortunately, the cost of larger displays has decreased considerably in recent years so you can now get hold of a large widescreen monitor for less than £120!

Many of our customers are now enjoying a large desktop area of between 22 inches to 24 inches thanks to new monitors from Vantage IT. We can supply a 24 inch monitor with a high definition 1080p resolution screen, HDMI and VGA inputs and integrated speakers for only £115. Displays with added features such as variable height for maximum user comfort are also available.

Larger Monitor for Windows 10

Larger monitors work very well with Windows 10 because one of the features of this new operating system is to allow individual application windows to be ‘snapped’ to each of the four corners of your screen to avoid switching between them constantly. With a bigger screen, having multiple windows on the display at the same time becomes useable.

Intel HD graphic technology is also present on most new PCs and this usually allows for two or more monitors to be connected to your PC to enable an even larger extended desktop area.

Vantage IT will provide technical advice and suitability on any monitor available. We will also inform you if any additional cables or adapters are required so that your PC can connect to it.

Please contact Vantage IT with your requirements and we will be happy to advise the right monitor for your needs.