Hosted Exchange Additional Details

With security always being paramount, the Vantage IT Hosted Exchange Cloud Email service runs on our own servers, where access is strictly controlled. It is fully managed and supported by us, taking the pressure off you.

This security extends to backups. The vast majority of Hosted Exchange service providers offer limited backup options. They may backup the overall data so they can restore their entire operation in the event of a problem, which we also do, but in addition we also backup and enable the restore of individual items, right down to a single email.
An optional extra is email disclaimers, where customised disclaimers can be added to each outgoing email. This ensures all emails have a consistent look, improving your business’ corporate image and giving you the opportunity to inform email recipients of information or offers from your organisation.
With Vantage Hosted Exchange, you enjoy all the great features available with Exchange, protected by our highly secure, resilient infrastructure, but without the costs associated with owning and managing your own email server.
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