1: IT Security – Too Important to Risk

Ensuring the IT security of a computer network is vital for any business and when changes are made to networks, the implications must be understood.

One of our customers had grown very quickly and a friend of one of the directors, who had been employed to do various tasks, was also given the responsibility of looking after their computers, as he “knew about IT”. Prior to this, the systems had been successfully set up and managed by Vantage IT and were operating very securely and reliably.
Within weeks of his joining, internal security had been lowered giving all users access to previously restricted areas of the server; a highly limited visitor account was given normal user access; and even part of the server had been exposed to the entire internet.
The friend then left in a hurry and Vantage IT was asked to urgently return to check the systems. Within hours of receiving the call, our engineers were on-site and had locked down the immediate security threats.
Further work the next day secured other areas of concern, including rectifying incorrect access, improving backup procedures, resolving other security matters and recovering users’ missing data, to their great relief!
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