Wonderful Feedback for our IT Support

It is always nice to receive praise, and interesting when it comes from a different perspective.

Vantage IT provides the IT support for a local company with offices throughout the world and a head office based on mainland Europe. A representative from the IT department at the head office said the following…

  • Of the entire group’s outsourced IT companies used in offices throughout the world, Vantage IT is the best.
  • The UK office’s IT infrastructure, designed and implemented by Vantage IT, is to be used as a model to roll out to all the other subsidiaries.
  • Our helpfulness when working with the parent company was highly praised.
  • All other subsidiaries resort to seeking support from the head office with the exception of the UK office, which is solely supported by Vantage IT.
  • Vantage IT recently performed a major project in two weeks, from planning to completion; when the head office was advised it would take months, thus saving the company many thousands of pounds.

As you can imagine, we feel incredibly proud that our work providing IT support to our customer has been recognised in this way. If you would be interested in how Vantage IT can offer the support you require, please contact us.