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Vantage IT offers the support you need for your business, providing an outsourced IT department with helpdesk and on-site IT support. We can maintain hardware, software, infrastructure and communications, with licence and asset management also included. Whether you require support under contract with the Complete IT Support Solution or Pay-As-You-Go IT Support, we are able to help with dependable, honest assistance designed around your business.

the Complete IT Solution - IT Support from Vantage IT

The Complete IT Support Solution

We take the pain out of managing your IT. Vantage IT acts as your own outsourced IT department, providing helpdesk and on-site IT support, maintaining hardware, software, infrastructure and communications, with licence and asset management also included. This really is your Complete IT Support Solution. Problems are prevented with our pro-active service. Your essential equipment…read more.

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Vantage IT Solutions Pay-As-You-Go IT Support

Pay-As-You-Go IT Support

You need dependable IT support and that is exactly what Vantage IT provides. If you prefer to call someone when problems or questions arise, we offer Pay-As-You-Go IT support. You have the assurance that IT experts are on hand to respond to your requests as and when you need them. You can take advantage of…read more.

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Vantage IT Solutions IT Support Features and Benefits

IT Support Features and Benefits

Our IT support service is available either by contract, the Complete IT Solution or by non-contract, Pay-As-You-Go support. Both services are flexible and can be tailored to your needs, whilst still maintaining an exceptionally high level of service. The table below gives details of the features and benefits available with our support services. We would…read more.

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We deliver answers to common misconceptions used by IT support providers

Common Misconceptions

With any industry, there are often phrases used in advertising and contracts that can be misinterpreted and create common misconceptions that customers need to decipher. We hope the following explanations help to provide answers to such phrases that are used by IT support providers. Unlimited Support No support is truly ‘unlimited’. There will always be…read more.

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