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Vantage IT Solutions IT Finance

If there have been times when you’ve been unable to justify the necessary cash expenditure on the technology you require, IT finance could be the answer you need.

Choosing IT finance means you can avoid capital outlay when purchasing new equipment. Cash flow can be managed with low monthly rentals, rather than needing to use reserves to make purchases. This allows you to invest money in other areas, where you may get a higher return on capital employed.

It’s not just the hardware cost that can be financed. When installing new systems, the work involved is usually extensive and this can also be included in a lease arrangement.

Perhaps you’ve never thought about financing your IT. Vantage IT can arrange finance for equipment with minimal fuss. We work with specialist finance companies with experience in providing agreements for IT products and services. When obtaining a quotation from Vantage IT for new equipment, simply ask about a finance agreement and we can quickly provide details.

Key benefits of a finance agreement are:

  • Enables you to update ageing equipment without the single cash outlay
  • Spread costs over several years
  • Hardware, software, and the associated installation services can be financed
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