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Dropbox without Backup is a Bad Idea

Many people use Dropbox to store data and assume that, as it is in the cloud, it must be safe. Think again! Without a backup, data is in danger. A woman in North Yorkshire has been sentenced for deleting 5,000 files from her former company’s Dropbox account. She spent five […]

Storing data in the cloud, such as Dropbox, can be useful. Don't think this means the data doesn't need to be backed up, because it most certainly does!

How will your use of IT and telecoms enable you to take your business into the post-lockdown world? Home working is set to continue with many businesses.

IT and Telecoms in the Changing Landscape

Will all your team be going back in to the office full time in the very near future? Have your IT and telecoms solutions enabled you to successfully work from home or could they be improved? With many team members visiting the office on a rota or for specific meetings, […]

Has Your Phone Provider Lost its Focus?

The past few weeks have strained everything – people, relationships and systems at work. How have your communications survived? Keeping in touch with colleagues, customers and suppliers is vital at all times. If your telephone system isn’t helping you, stress levels rise.   If you have problems with your telephone […]

VoIP Telephone System - Latest Technology, Reduced Costs

Has the COVID-19 lockdown made you re-asses your goals and aspirations? Will you change your way of working or are you desperate to get back to the office?

Lockdown is Over. What Happens Now?

It won’t be long until the government announces the end to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, but that certainly won’t mean life will return to normal. We would be foolish to imagine when the government lifts the lockdown that the world won’t have changed. We won’t all be going back to […]

Pupdate from Bailey

Bailey is the gorgeous guide dog sponsored by Vantage IT. Training is taking place to make him a working dog and family pet. Bailey has settled very easily into life with his trainers. He has a very laid-back and cuddly personality and often attempts to give his love to Edmund, […]

Vantage IT is sponsoring a puppy at the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. It will be trained to become a guide dog, providing someone with independence.

Great customer feedback helps!

Great Customer Feedback Helps!

The past few weeks have been unprecedented for all of us. For IT companies such as Vantage IT, there has been an immense amount of effort in a very short period of time to ensure users are able to effectively work from home. Many IT companies will be very proud […]

Emergency Remote Connection

We recently started providing our managed IT support service to a new customer. Then within days, the country went into lockdown! Members of staff were required to work from home with remote access to the on-site systems. Unfortunately the customer had not had the opportunity to upgrade their firewall to […]

Do you need remote connection to your network? So many people are working remotely to keep businesses running. Vantage IT can set up the remote connections.

Laptop Hire for Working from Home. Do you need more laptops so your team can work from home? Laptop hire from Vantage IT will enable you to keep your business going with limited outlay.

Laptop Hire for Working from Home

Have you considered laptop hire? Working from home while the country is in Coronavirus lockdown is only possible with the right equipment. Laptop computers are at a premium at the moment. If your team requires laptops to work from home, finding the right one can be tricky. Hiring a laptop […]

Do You Need to Work Remotely?

With the current Coronavirus scare, many people are either working from home or planning to. This is something we do regularly and at the moment, members of our ream are working remotely without our customers being aware! With the right security infrastructure in place, it is easy to have people […]

Vantage IT enables remote working during Coronavirus scare. The Coronavirus / Covid-19 alert is making many companies think about working remotely. Vantage IT can facilitate remote working for your team members.

Red Bull Technology Central Business Expo with Vantage IT Support. Central Business Expo at Red Bull Technology March 2020. Vantage IT is delighted to be exhibiting and would love to meet you there. See you on 31st March.

Red Bull Technology Central Business Expo

Come to meet Vantage IT at Red Bull Technology in Milton Keynes. The Central Business Expo will be taking place on 31st March at MK7, the superb exhibition space within the Red Bull factory. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet many local businesses in a location at the forefront […]