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Don’t Buy a Printer and Save Thousands!

We always look for ways we can save money for our clients. We would like to share a recent example of a customer with a faulty printer where we potentially saved them £3000! Case Study – Faulty Printer A customer contacted us to say they were experiencing problems with a […]

Don't Buy a Printer and Save Thousands! Advice from Vantage IT Solutions. There are many instances when we advice you not to purchase new equipment if the old equipment will still perform adequately. A customer with a faulty printer was one such case, where we potentially saved them £3000!

Wi-Fi Security Flaw Needs to be Patched. Security vulnerability in Wi-Fi networks secured with WPA and WPA2 needs to be patched. Vantage IT can provide the assistance you need to fix your Wi-Fi.

5 Tips to Improve Your Wi-Fi

How is your Wi-Fi? Is the connection a bit sporadic? If it isn’t as reliable as you would like, here are some tips for improving the situation. Change Your Router’s Location When routers are hidden behind other devices or tucked in a corner, wireless signals can be affected. Many routers […]

Give Your PC a Spring Clean

Despite the weather we have just experienced, spring is almost upon us, so why not give your PC a spring clean of its own? Why a Spring Clean? If your PC takes ages to boot up or respond to your inputs, there is a chance it requires some basic housekeeping. […]

Give Your PC a Spring Clean, from Vantage IT Solutions. Don't spend a penny on your computer to gain performance if you don't need to. Give it a spring clean! Try these tips before purchasing a new PC or upgrade your existing one. This is a bit of DIY IT support, but for the real thing, contact Vantage IT.