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Vantage IT Solutions Software Updates Service

Security Fears with Unpatched Computers

Software manufactures frequently release updates to fix security flaws and to improve performance. We encounter computers that are not fully patched and consequently are at risk from security breaches. Security vulnerabilities are often discovered by people wanting to infect computers with malicious software. The companies that produced the software will […]

Going Further to Overcome IT Challenges

If you compare the outsourced IT support service offered by Vantage IT with what is on offer from other IT companies, we measure up very well. We were approached by a company who requested that we host their website and provide email facilities with our Hosted Exchange service because they […]

Vantage IT will always go further for our customers,

Website Mobile-Friendly Test in Google Search

On 21st April, Google is planning to make changes to the algorithm it uses for people to obtain search results. They want web sites that are mobile-friendly to be given a greater weighting, meaning they will appear higher in search rankings. To assist people with adapting to the forthcoming change, […]

Vantage IT is Mobile Friendly

Support is ending for Windows Server 2003

Support is Ending for Windows Server 2003

In July 2015, Windows Server 2003 R2 will go end of life when Microsoft withdraws support. Do you still use Server 2003? Are you ready for Microsoft no longer providing support? If not, Vantage IT is here to help you. The following information gives a brief explanation of what will […]

Emptying the Jump List

This information will allow you to clear all jump lists but allow you to add new items. Product Windows Server 2008 or later Windows Vista or later   Solution 1. Press    + R or click Start then Run   2. Type %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations   3. Delete all files in this folder.   […]

Deleting Thumbs

If a thumbs.db file cannot be deleted from a network share even though no one is accessing the folder in which it resides, turn off caching of thumbnails in the default domain group policy. Product Windows Server 2008 or later Windows Vista or later   Solution 1. Open the Group […]

How to Access the Registry Editor

Registry Editor enables you to view and edit critical Windows and application settings. Warning: Editing the registry incorrectly can result in serious problems. We advise that a backup of the machine or the registry is taken before making any changes.   Product Windows Server 2008 or later Windows Vista or […]

How to Access Group Policy on a Windows Server or Windows Client

Group Policy controls various configurations on multiple servers and clients, such as restricting access to specific features in Windows for specific users. Product Windows Server 2008 or later Windows Vista or later   Solution For a Windows Server operating system:   1. Press    + R or click Start then Run   […]